Design a custom learning stack.


Making personnel training personal.

Insight is just the beginning. Once we’ve completed the alignment process, we use our assessment tools to help you identify skill gaps and select the right training for your organization.

Challenge: Train Specific Skills, Develop Skilled Employees

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Build great training together.

While we take a data driven approach to identify gaps, we take a collaborative approach to working with clients. Your SME’s partner with our SME’s to establish desired business outcomes and target specific skills.

Target Skills to Achieve Outcomes

Let’s go skills shopping.

In the Align phase, we take the time to understand your business goals. We take that understanding and combine it with assessment results to identify your competency gaps and the skills needed to achieve your objectives.


Collaborate on Curriculum

No two training programs are alike.

Our instructors and subject-matter experts work with your IT team, business managers, HR staff and other internal stakeholders to determine the curriculum that will make up your training program.


Build a Custom Learning Stack

Leave the cookie cutter in the kitchen.

Based on your training needs, business goals and leadership team’s insights, we build a custom learning stack to close your skills gap. In addition to identifying skill levels and choosing specific classes, we work with you to determine applicable use cases and practice activities to reinforce the classroom learning.


Determine Delivery

Nuts, meet bolts.

We take care of the details that define how we deliver training. We can offer any combination of the on-site, immersive, instructor-led training we’re known for with supplemental online classrooms and on-demand video learning. In addition, we provide complete flexibility when determining session schedules, length and location, so you don’t struggle with downtime due to training.