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We’ve developed a unique approach to Align, Design and Deliver high-quality IT training. Our approach has been used to help enterprises identify, develop and retain the IT talent they need to compete.

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STEP 1: Align talent strategy with business strategy.

Figuring out how to close the skills gap can be a struggle. Not only do you need to understand how it impacts your overall business strategy, but a subjective needs analysis or talent pulse survey can often miss the mark. That’s why we bring a consultative, data-driven approach to the table.

We start by conducting a comprehensive assessment to help you understand the key skills your business needs, assess the current skills of your staff, define the ideal skill set you require, and identify your team’s strengths and skills gaps.

We also take the time to understand your overall business strategy so the data we gather can be applied directly to reaching your desired business outcomes in both the near- and long-term.

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STEP 2: Design a custom learning stack.

Once we determine your needs, we get to work designing a program that specifically targets your business goals.

Our data-driven approach analyzes your team’s skills gaps to create a customized curriculum, including learning modules, applicable use cases, practice activities and training schedule.

The result is a training program designed to have the maximum amount of impact with the minimum amount of disruption to your business.

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STEP 3: Deliver world-class IT training.

Now the fun begins. We kick off with a pre-training session to set staff up for success. We then dive into the training itself using immersive, instructor-led training.

Our interactive approach involves teams working together to solve real-world coding problems as a team, in addition to class discussions, reviewing job-relevant use cases and other learning aids. By actively learning, practicing and applying their knowledge together in the classroom, our students have been proven to retain information far better than through individual, passive online learning.

In addition to the classroom, we reinforce our instruction with a comprehensive on-demand video library employees can reference when incorporating new skills on the job.

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