Align talent strategy with business strategy.

Training is a journey. Meet the map.

Your company can only go as far as the skills of your people will take it. Our comprehensive assessment helps you identify the skills of your workforce. Then, we design a custom learning stack to align your talent strategy with your business strategy.

Start smarter.

Your training investment should be based on insights, not instincts. That’s why we leverage scientific, data-driven tools to help you understand the exact skill set and competency level of every person on your team. This knowledge lets us provide the exact customized training curriculum needed to help you achieve your business objectives.

Challenge: Attract New Talent, Retain Existing Talent

Guide: Smart Training Starts Here

See How our Skills Assessment Kickstarts Your Custom L&D Program


  • Understand what your ideal talent looks like
  • Gain objective insights into determining your training stack
  • Scalable to assess employees throughout your organization
  • Reduce time to training

Their training starts with you

Every training program starts with your business goals. Before we ask employees a single question, we take the time to understand your business and your short- and long-term plans. We dive into your organization’s structure, roles and objectives, to provide a clear picture of your current talent and your skills gap.

Convert understanding into action

Once we define your business goals, we determine the technical competencies required to reach them, along with relevant skills and proficiency levels. This can be customized by role, experience and department, along with specific onboarding, reskilling and upskilling requirements.

Unlock insights

We customize your assessment to test current employee proficiency for your requirements, designing specific questions, and test code projects needed to provide a clear understanding of your workforce. We work with your training team to coordinate and conduct assessments.

Data is everything

We analyze and benchmark assessment results to design your optimal training program. This data-driven approach identifies skill and competency gaps while providing insights like:

  • Coding approach: Watch a time-lapse of coding tests to see the process that led to the final output.
  • Code correctness: Static code analysis automatically evaluates the quality of the final code.
  • Code scalability: Measure CPU usage and process of their test code to see how it would scale in the real world.