Deliver a learn-by-doing classroom experience.

The Software Guild Approach

Learning unleashed.

Once we’ve designed your training curriculum, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and do what we do best. Our immersive, instructor-led training instills practical mastery of programming skills your employees need to take your business to the next level.

Immersive, instructor-led training for teams.

It would be nice if your workforce could upgrade their skills by watching a few videos and reading a handout. But that’s not how real learning works. Unlike other training programs, we embed our subject-matter experts with your workforce to provide hands-on, collaborative learning.

Our comprehensive classroom sessions are tailored to your business and industry, with relevant resources and examples.

Everything we teach is based on learning skills, not theory. We help employees develop their craft so they can take what they learn today and apply it tomorrow.

Our instructors are industry professionals and successful programmers, with diverse backgrounds ranging from successful startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Teamwork starts with team learning.

If this were music, you wouldn’t want to just teach your employees how to play guitar. You’d want them to be able to play in a band. That’s why our immersive training is designed with your team in mind. Employees work together to learn skills, discuss material, ask questions and build applications from beginning to end. The learning process mimics the process your developers will use in the workplace as they build applications to run your enterprise.

Learn by doing.

Success is a poor teacher. That’s why we focus on giving students as much practice time as possible, instead of having them sit through lectures about theory. Students are encouraged to practice new skills, try new things, face problems they will encounter during their work, and fail in a safe environment until the skills become second nature. With real-world labs and exercises, they won’t be repeating what they learned just to pass a test; they’ll be learning by doing.

Welcome to the real world.

We don’t believe in training for training’s sake. Everything we teach is designed to help your developers solve real-world business problems that your organization is facing. We choose applicable use cases for practice and teach students how to build software from idea and requirements through design and application. By coding along with our instructors, employees learn how to solve problems together.