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Assess the Workforce You Have

Business technology moves at a blinding pace. This makes it easy to overlook skills gaps that exist in your workforce. To avoid falling behind competitors, you must regularly assess your employees’ skills and deliver training so they achieve your business goals.

Our comprehensive skills assessment ensures your workforce evolves with your business goals. It helps us capture a precise visualization of your employees’ skills, collecting insights to align your talent strategy with your business strategy. This is the important first step to delivering training that closes your skills gaps so you can out-innovate your competitors.

Customizable assessments for your technology goals

No matter the technology your employees use, we can configure our assessment to identify their level of competency. Testing capabilities include Java, .NET/C#, PHP, JavaScript, AngularJS, Bootstrap and more.

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Assessment Points the Way to a Better Workforce

So why do other training programs skip this step?

Designing a training program without assessing workforce skills is like taking a trip without a map. You’ll travel in circles and never reach your destination. Despite the need for data, 50 percent of companies train their teams without the guidance of a performance-based assessment.1

But our training approach is different, accurate and productive. After we learn your business goals, we administer a skills assessment, testing your employees’ abilities against industry benchmarks. This precise competency analysis points the way to the best training for your business, helping us to:

Training approach, reducing waste and eliminating uncertainty graphic

Business leaders expect training programs to cover three key areas: technological impacts, internal skills gaps, and skills development tracking.3 With our skills assessment, we account for all three, collecting insights to develop your workforce. The result is a roadmap that helps you:


  • Assessment data guides the design of a learning stack that is tailored for your business.


  • Our responsive skills assessment can measure the competencies of new employees and identify the need for additional training.


  • Insights from managers, peers and direct-reports help us measure improvements in workplace behavior.

Optimize every step of talent development

Our skills assessment isn’t simply for technology training. It seamlessly integrates into your company’s talent acquisition and development efforts, boosting efficiencies in:

Recruiting, onboarding, and learning and development

We customize your pre-training assessment according to your organization’s needs. In doing so, we can pinpoint the proficiency of every employee and set competency targets for your training.

For each assessment, we:

We analyze your team’s structure to determine skills that are critical to each role.

We map skills to competencies your organization requires, enabling performance assessments across verticals and cross-functional teams.

We customize the assessment blueprint, perform rigorous testing, and assess the skills of each employee.

We score each employee’s aptitude for his or her role and then present our findings as skills visualization reports. This reveals skills gaps to close when we design your training program.

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Skills Assessment in Action

Screencap of sample assessment of C# object-oriented programming

Sample job analysis of software development

Sample skills mapping of a java developer

Screencap of sample assessment of front-end development knowledge

Sample assessment report

Our skills-visualization reports show the gaps to close

After the assessment, we produce intuitive skillsvisualization reports that reveal skills and behavior gaps in your workforce. This enables us to:

1. Optimize for your needs
We determine competencies individuals must acquire to succeed in their role, helping to close your skills gaps.

2. Close behavior gaps
Behavior is a leading indicator of success in a role. Our assessment finds behavior gaps to close when we deliver training.

3. Future-proof your workforce
Our assessment helps us forecast skills your employees need to develop and promotes learning agility and skills growth.

4. Develop your talent pipeline
We can apply our assessment to your recruiting process to improve talent acquisition and overall performance.

Sample team dashboard

Post-Training Assessment and Continuous Improvement

In addition to a pre-training assessment, we measure workforce performance after delivering training. This confirms your workforce has developed skills to achieve your business goals, and it enables us to fine-tune the competencies of employees who need more support.

Our post-training assessment follows the Kirkpatrick Model, an industry-leading approach that measures:


  • We determine how employees respond to instructors, content and presentation.


  • We identify how well your employees acquire and retain skills that our training delivers.


  • By blending multiple analyses, we determine whether an individual’s skills and personality fit a specific role.


  • Focusing on your desired outcomes, we analyze the impact of our training program.

Post-training assessments do more than confirm your workforce has the skills you need now. We establish metrics that evolve with your business for continuous improvement.

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