Why You Should Invest in Software Development Training for Your Team

Why is software development training necessary for your team of IT professionals?

First and foremost, the ability to code is a coveted skill, and one that will only become increasingly necessary for businesses in the future. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that software developer jobs will increase by 21% between 2018 and 2028, “much faster than the average for all occupations.”

Why You Should Invest in Software Development Training for Your Team

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

The BLS notes that the main causes for this increase in demand include:

  • The need for new applications on smartphones and tablets
  • A large increase in the demand for computer software
  • An increase in the number of products that use software
  • The need for innovative software in the medical and health insurance industries

These forecasts tell us what many companies already sense: The rapid increase in technology will continue to impact every industry, and investing in technology training in your workforce is all but guaranteed to pay off both now and in the future. In this article, we’ll look at some common pain points that technology training can solve, as well as positive benefits it can have on your organization’s and employees’ futures.

Issues Training Can Solve

Software development training has many obvious practical benefits: Every company needs a team to troubleshoot employees’ hardware and software issues, oversee internal systems and technology, and potentially help develop new products. However, technology training can have even more far-reaching benefits than you might expect. Offering training to your employees can aid in solving many common organizational pain points such as low retention, poor morale, and low productivity.

Low Retention

In 2018, workers quit at the highest rates since 2001, and experts predict this trend will continue into 2019 and beyond. These statistics are alarming, especially given that the average cost to replace an employee is $4,129 and takes around 42 days. So what can companies do to stem the tide?

It turns out that training is one of the top factors that impact employee retention. Seventy percent of employees say job-related training and development directly influences their decision to stay with a company or not. That means if your company is looking to retain top talent, one of the most high-impact ways to do so is to offer upskilling opportunities for your employees.

Poor Morale

Poor morale is one of the most difficult issues for companies to address. It’s an invisible force that can impact productivity and even retention if companies aren’t careful. If your company is facing this problem, you may want to consider training as part of your solution.

TJinsite, the research and knowledge arm of TimesJobs.com, found that 35% of employers said on-the-job training enhanced morale in their organizations. What’s more, a study by ILX Group found that 51% of 100 HR decision makers reported improvements in “employee morale, satisfaction and longevity” as key reasons why they conduct training.

Why You Should Invest in Software Development Training for Your Team

Source: ILX Group

Low Productivity

A study by the Association for Talent Development found that companies that offer comprehensive training see:

  • 218% higher income per employee
  • 24% higher profit margin
  • 6% higher shareholder return

In addition to these powerful statistics, training provides productivity benefits that can’t be as easily quantified. For example, training makes employees feel valued and empowered, and they’ll in turn be more motivated at work and feel more loyal to your organization.

Other Benefits of Training

In addition to remedying some pain points your organization may be experiencing, software development training also helps move your company from a state of reacting to problems to a state of preparing and working toward the future. Specifically, it helps your employees overcome challenges, prepare for future roles, and have more mobility.

Overcome Challenges

Even the best developers run into challenges when developing and maintaining your company’s technology. It’s frustrating enough when a project takes more time and effort than anticipated, but employees can quickly lose heart all together if they don’t have the proper tools to overcome such challenges. Providing training for your developers will give them more knowledge and tools to be able to conquer problems as they arise, keeping your organization nimble and moving forward in a fast-paced economy.

Prepare for Future Roles

Companies that hire and promote from within benefit both themselves and their employees. As mentioned above, it’s costly to hire new employees, and training allows your existing talent to grow and fill your needs, giving you a workforce who’s tenured, well versed in your company’s culture and values, and readily able to support your company’s next initiative.

Have More Mobility

Similar to the previous point, employee mobility is mutually beneficial for you and your employees. Providing opportunities for employees to reskill and upskill allows them to grow their careers while staying at your organization and lending their increasing talent to your products and services.

Invest in Your Team Today

An astounding 79% of companies don’t provide a formal training program for their employees. One easy way to stand out in your industry and retain great employees is to offer upskilling opportunities for your workforce. When you offer software development training, you not only benefit your employees, but also help your company stay agile and prepared for the ever-growing influence of technology.

The Software Guild can help your company customize software development training for your unique needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help standardize coding and programming methodologies at your company and ensure your team is up to date with the latest trends and emerging technologies.