Maintaining an effective onboarding training program can be a difficult process for big companies.

Organizations who do it well are seeing big returns in time to productivity.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, new employees who attended a well-structured onboarding program were 69% more likely to remain at a company up to three years. And when new employee onboarding is done correctly, it leads to increased organizational commitment, higher job satisfaction, better performance levels, decreased turnover, and lowered stress.

Just take a look at some of these statistics:

  • 30% of companies reported it takes a year or longer for new employees to reach full productivity 
  • 25% of companies admit that their onboarding programs do not include any form of training 
  • 60% of companies said they don’t set any milestones or concrete goals for new hires to attain 

This process can be even more challenging when that business is bringing highly technically skilled employees like developers on board. 

Once you’ve found and hired new developers, how can your organization efficiently and effectively bring them into your current structure?

The Software Guild has a solution.

At the Software Guild, we help our partners customize their onboarding programs, ensuring they’re company specific and built to support your existing software development process. This helps new hires get up to speed with your current code and development infrastructure in no time.

How it Works

How do we do this? We first look at your existing Learning and Development (L&D) materials and company culture, what the incoming cohort needs to learn, and which Software Guild resources best address these topics. Then we create a customized onboarding curriculum delivered in a program that best fits you and your team.

In the past, we’ve worked with our partners to create programs based on:

  • Data engineering
  • Test-driven development
  • Cloud structure engineering
  • Spring microservices
  • Agile methodology
  • BDD behavior-driven development
  • And more

Our Method

We’ll help your organization identify the gaps in your current onboarding training program, identifying what tools or curriculum is lacking.

Next, we’ll help you set specific objectives/goals to ensure new developers get what they need to be productive the first day on the floor.

We then tailor the curriculum to guide your new software developers to achieve that goal.

This collaborative process is led by our instructors who bring both experience and practicum in an agile, learning-by-doing format.

Best Practices

We go over best practices for all development teams, covering topics that include:

  • Applying the principles of object-oriented programming
  • Implementing a tiered architecture for code
  • Reviewing best practices for software life cycle
  • Utilizing test-driven development

Ensure newly hired developers and coders are up to speed and ready to contribute.

Develop a consistent, repeatable process, increasing maintainability of code with consistent standards. Immerse new team members and teach them how to interact with the team in a sandbox environment to increase their effectiveness.