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When it comes to hiring developers, it can be tough to sift through the available talent and find the right fit for your company. Your business has a specific way of doing things, so finding someone who is a technical and cultural fit for your existing team is paramount. 

It can take on average 42 days to fill a new position—just think of the productivity losses and recruitment costs that can accrue during this time.

The Society for Human Resource Management found the average cost per hire was $4,129.

When it comes to recruiting a developer, it can cost upwards of $22,562 using in-house recruitment and $31,970 using agency recruitment.

In case of contractor cover or productivity loss, the number can exceed $60,000.

Thankfully, there are partners that can help, partners who know what developers are out there, because they helped train them.

Results Reporting

But this is a common practice in the bootcamp space, which can make it difficult to know who’s really going to connect you with the best available talent.

One of the best indicators of a top-notch bootcamp staffing partner is data and reporting transparency, and fortunately, the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR) makes finding those bootcamps easier. The CIRR and its bootcamp members can give you a more objective look at which software development bootcamps are successfully connecting their graduates with employers. 

The members that make up the CIRR ensure that it: 

  • “Provides a standardized system for measuring and reporting student outcomes that all of its schools use” 
  • Uses measurement standards that are “complete in that they account for 100% of enrolled students” 
  • Prevents “deceptive graduation and job placement marketing” 

This means there’s no misdirection—no bootcamps promoting inflated numbers due to hiring their own graduates that they couldn’t place elsewhere.


The Software Guild (TSG) is one of the software development bootcamps committed to transparency, offering outcome reports from its schools in Louisville and Minneapolis.

Our statistics show that:

  • We have a 60% graduation rate within 100% of published program length at our Louisville location, and 53% at our Minneapolis school
  • Most common job titles of graduates include Developer (39.3% in Louisville, 44.9% in Minneapolis) and Software Developer (25% in Louisville, 22.4% in Minneapolis)
  • Our in-field placement rate is, in Louisville and Minneapolis respectively, 92.6% and 91.8% within 180 days

Our Differentiators

What differentiates The Software Guild from other coding bootcamps? 

First and foremost, we don’t charge a placement fee, which usually costs employers anywhere from 20-25% of the employee’s annual salary. 

We also partner with numerous, more traditional staffing agencies through which we have access to additional employers and available positions. 

What’s more, we equip our graduates with tools they usually don’t encounter in a college classroom. Proficiency in version control and project management systems, resume and interview prep, as well as learning to work in teams helps them stand apart.  

We also have more time to work with and prepare our students. Unlike a recruiter or typical staffing agency that only has time for an introductory chat over coffee, a resume review, and a practice interview, TSG does in-depth prep for both interviews and success beyond the interview process. 

That’s because we invest in our students’ technical and soft skills, ensuring they have a solid foundation in business communication, including resume writing, interview skills, writing emails, correspondence with management, inquiries, and more. 

Our Methodology

At The Software Guild, we prioritize getting to know as much about the employer as possible, including the company culture, the available position, and the team the applicant would be joining.

The better we know your business and its needs, the better we’ll know who will be a fit for your open position.

Our Employer Network Manager Jacob Knight explains:

“The more I can learn about the team, the environment, and the kind of people they’re looking for, I can pretty much nail down the company’s developer type. I’ve talked to them and had so many conversations about the kind of people that do well there.”

After our intense bootcamp, instructors and Employer Network Managers are able to recognize the graduates who are best suited for a particular firm’s unique culture.

The Software Guild then ensures graduates are a fit by putting them through a vetting process at no cost to hiring partners. Likewise, companies are invited to attend interview days at no cost. As affirmed by Knight, “We have an obligation to the apprentice just as much as we have an obligation to our partners to make sure we end up with a win-win situation.”

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